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I love coffee and all that goes with it.  The flavor, the warmth, the atmosphere of a quaint cafe, the companions with which it is enjoyed.  It conjures images of a softly lit room, comfortable chairs and couch, and a few tables for two.  It is an intimate setting where conversation is casual and never rushed, where topics range from daily life and observations to deep matters of the heart and mind.

I imagine Jesus would love coffee.  He’d hang out in all kinds of shops and cafes, getting to know the patrons in ways they never thought they could be known.  He’d drift from table to table joining the conversation as naturally as if he’d known them all their lives.  He’d linger on the couch, sandal clad feet propped next to someone who suddenly realized the book they were reading could wait.  The stranger but not-stranger beside them would have an enigmatic appeal hard to ignore.

Time spent with a friend over coffee is relaxed and intimate.  Noises find their way into the background, stress melts away, and what matters most in life is at the table in the form of two individuals who know each other well, enjoy each other’s company, and have laughed often together. This is where I would meet Jesus if he were here on earth.   This is where I would choose to get to know him better, to learn from him, to talk with him, to sit in comfortable silence with him.




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  1. wow, thanks michelle! very cool:) i will have to take a night out this week to do the ceremony!

  2. For the light that you bring to the world, I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award ! Stop by my blog anytime to pick it up 🙂

  3. Just wanted to say that I can totally imagine myself drinking a cup of joe with Jesus. I would be a little nervous though! 🙂


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