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Designer Planet

Designer Planet

If I were to ask you to fill in the blank for the phrase “no two (blank) are the same”, most of you would likely answer “people” or “snowflakes”.  However, there are a lot of things that aren’t the same, in nature at least.  No two dog or cat nose prints are the same, much like human fingerprints.  So I set out to do an internet search to see what other things in life or nature were unique.  I was disappointed to find nothing more.  However, I did find an interesting piece from a logical standpoint which states that “the only thing that is the same thing is the same thing.”  Well, true! In the fundamental sense, some thing by virtue of being a thing is it’s very own, separate from another thing.

This presented a little quandary about where I want to go with this post, so set aside this point of logic with me.

There are a surprising number of fashion blogs that choose to follow this one.  As I think about fashion, I think about production and design on all levels, not merely clothing and accessories.  The word “fashion” means to make or form something out of something else, to create something from imagination and ingenuity. It is very similar to the meaning of “design”, which means to plan and make something, to create or execute according to plan. A look around my room right now reveals objects that were planned and created for a specific use.  I realize there are mass replicas of most of the items around me.  Everything I see has others which are exactly alike.  Many man-made things are exactly the same (aside from the logic above), for such is the case with mass production.  The need for the same function results in the creation of the same object for that function.

However, man-made things from a more artistic side can vary, and such is the case with fashion.  Mass produced fashion may have two things exactly alike, but uniqueness occurs when the designer intentionally wants to create something that is like no other.  I realize several things from this.  One is that this planet is entirely unique and like no other.  It is highly sophisticated in design and purpose.  A literal myriad of complex lifeforms exist on Earth, which is, according to scientific knowledge, not the case with any other planet.  Secondly I realize that no two God-created things are exactly alike.  I don’t need to research it to realize it.  God created earth and all of it’s components and inhabitants entirely different from anything else. That which is alive is entirely its own entity because it has some degree of difference regarding its composition.

In thinking on these things I also realize that as people made in the image of a Creator, we are creators.  We have the ability to fashion and design and to make things that are unique and unlike anything else.  We not only live on a designer planet, we are designer people. We have limitations of course, for we can only create things.  We cannot, aside from procreation, create a living thing.  Even when creating functional things, God applied the law of singularity. I did read from one source that all electrons are “exactly the same”, and I wonder about this.  With man’s limitations, does he fail to see that perhaps even the elemental things have some degree of variance that the naked eye or the naked mind cannot see?

I don’t know, but I marvel at life a little more when I think of how all things on earth are privileged and patented and that no two things are truly alike.  While I can’t comprehend the diversity of earth’s diversity, I can appreciate it.  I can observe and admire with astonishment and renewed wonder at the beautiful mystery of the utter distinctive quality of life and creation.


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